What's included in the package?
Each package comes complete with the art piece, installation instructions, a measuring tape, a pencil, and various sizes of nails to suit different wall types, ensuring you have everything needed for a seamless setup.

Do STEREOWOOD artworks come with a warranty?
Yes, absolutely! All STEREOWOOD artworks are backed by a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing that your art remains timeless.

How should I care for my STEREOWOOD artwork?
Maintain the beauty of your artwork by placing it away from damp areas and direct sunlight. Regular dusting with a soft cloth is recommended to keep your piece in pristine condition.

How can I install the artwork on the wall?
STEREOWOOD artworks come with mounting hardware attached. For a secure and stable installation, we recommend using wall studs to hang the artwork. Depending on the size of your STEREOWOOD:

  • Small (up to 15.7 inches/40cm in diameter): 1 hole
  • Medium (up to 31.5 inches/80cm in diameter): 2 holes
  • Large (over 31.5 inches/80cm in diameter): 3 holes

Do you offer international shipping?
Yes, we proudly ship our artwork worldwide, bringing our unique aesthetic to every corner of the globe.

Will the artwork bend or crack?
Our high-quality durable plywood and wood latex ensure that your artwork remains stable and intact, provided it is not exposed to water or placed near extreme heat sources.

Can I place it outdoors?
We advise against outdoor placement as exposure to elements like sunlight, rain, and temperature fluctuations can deteriorate the color and stability of the plywood, potentially leading to damage.

Can I order customized artwork?
Absolutely! We welcome custom orders and offer personalization options for an additional fee based on the artwork's type and size. For more details, please contact us at stereowoodart@gmail.com, and our team will assist you throughout the customization process.

Support Queries:

Received a Damaged or Incomplete Order?
If your order arrives damaged or incomplete, please contact our support team at stereowoodart@gmail.com for immediate assistance. We are committed to swiftly resolving any issues.

Returns and Exchanges:

  • For customers in the US: Please return the artwork in its original packaging to our warehouse and send the waybill to cococray@gmail.com. A full refund will be issued upon receipt.
  • For international customers: For returns or exchanges, please contact stereowoodart@gmail.com for detailed support.

We are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with every STEREOWOOD purchase and are here to assist with any further inquiries or requests. Enjoy your STEREOWOOD experience!